A (mostly) friendly competition between 2 avid birdwatchers that are also friends/co-workers. Who can observe more bird species in Idaho in 2009? Will they still be friends at year's end? ;-)

Thursday, March 26, 2009

hurry and vote!

Hey Guys!

Just wanted to post a message reminding you to vote on our 'handicap' poll if you havent already
(it's located on the side of this page)
The poll will close on April 1st, which means this week is your last chance to help decide the fate of this competition!
Do you think 20 species for Heidi's handicap doesnt give poor Jay a chance? or do you think Heidi and her birding skills need all the help they can get? You decide!

On a similar note, remember that April 1st is the day to send us your yearlist totals (current up to the birds you see on 3/31) along with your favorite Idaho sighting so far this year. We already have a few birders' lists posted from last month, but hope to continue to get more and more as the year moves on. So, send 'em in!
You can send your list totals and sightings to me at heidithebirdnerd@yahoo.com


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