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Friday, March 27, 2009

eBird pledge

Thanks to encouragement from Charles Swift (Moscow, ID birder - and blog follower! - who has pledged a donation to IBO on a 'per eBird checklist we submit' basis), several weeks ago we started submitting checklists from all our birding outings to eBird (http://ebird.org/content/ebird/) to ensure that all the birding we do isn't just for our fun but that the information can be put to use by the folks at Cornell & Audubon (see the eBird website for further info) that are trained in utilizing data collected by citizen scientists. And, we encourage all birders to do the same - it's a cool tool that doesn't take long and, who knows, maybe the info Idaho birders generate will help in bird conservation!

Thanks, Charles, for the encouragement, creativity, and generosity!!


(and, we should take a moment to also thank the other folks who have already made pledges or donations to Idaho Bird Observatory - thank you!!)
Below is the mapping tool in eBird showing locations where people have birded in Ada County, Idaho ... just a hint at the utility of eBird.

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