A (mostly) friendly competition between 2 avid birdwatchers that are also friends/co-workers. Who can observe more bird species in Idaho in 2009? Will they still be friends at year's end? ;-)

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Heidi takes round 1 ....

Oh, by the way ... Heidi forgot to mention that SHE WON the mid-year competition - CONGRATULATIONS! ... Even though I observed a few more species (276 to 272) through July 10, her handicap for the mid-year was 11 (~2/3 of the full year handicap of 17 - why did I agree to give her such a big handicap?) so she won by 7!! She & Melanie will be getting their creative juices flowing soon and before long I'll be donning an embarrassing T-shirt (hot pink with frills and who knows what else ??) while working up on Lucky Peak ;-)

We'll have to wait on her thoughts on how the year has gone so far but it's been pretty fun (understatement) to see so many species in Idaho, many of them while working, and I think 113 have been life birds for Heidi so far!!

Here's Heidi enjoying close views of a male Spruce Grouse (lower right) that we named 'Jacques' - just one her many lifers this year


  1. Jay, we want to see a picture of you in the shirt. Next time you guys are over here in Island Park or Rexburg area let me know. I would love to do some birding with you.

  2. I'm a little worried as Heidi's been bragging to the other crewmembers (out of my ear-shot, of course) about how embarrassing my T-shirt will be ... BUT, I think I'd be contractually obligated to allow a picture to appear on the blog ;-)

    Bill, likewise - if you get over to the Boise areas, check out Lucky Peak!